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Dorset Art Weeks 2018 at Brownsea Island

Dorset Wildlife Trust will be hosting a stunning and colourful display of wildlife art as part of the popular Dorset Art Weeks festival. 

Dorset is such an inspiring and creative county, and we are lucky enough to be able to display broad range of media, including painting, sculpture and pottery from some of the most talented artists in the country including; Harriett Webb, Lauren Bissell, Pippa Hill, Sam Dodd, Terri Peay and Tracey Walder.


Tracey Walder

Pet portrait and wildlife art

Tracey’s preferred medium is soft pastel and pastel pencil which enables her to obtain the beautiful detail in her work. 

British wildlife, particularly the fox, has played a major part over the years in the recognition of her ability as an artist, along with her other wildlife drawings. She is a member of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI). 

Tracey has always loved nature and enjoyed drawing, painting and other art related activities since a child, excelling at school in art & design and developing her creative talents in as many avenues as possible.  

Continuing her creative interests into her working life Tracey has a print and design business based in Dorchester and art studio near Blandford Forum. 

Original artwork, high quality prints and more is available from her website: 


Sam Dodd


My work is inspired by a lifelong passion for wildlife and the natural world - from the humble sparrow in my garden to watching humpbackwhales and wild horses in Iceland.

Working from my studio in Sherborne I use acrylic on canvas.


Pippa Hill


I grew up in the Dorset countryside surrounded by animals, including cows, sheep, my pony, dogs, chickens, hamsters and even tame pigeons. I was seven when I started collecting clay in the ploughed fields surrounding our home. I began sculpting the animals around me, unfortunately these little pieces fell apart very quickly. 

I remember the shepherd skinning a lamb, and my mother teaching me how to skin a rabbit, I would collect skulls and dried stoats from the gamekeepers gibbet, these things sparked an interest in anatomy and comparative anatomy which informs my work today. 

I left school at seventeen and drifted through a range of short term jobs, until I bought a kiln and small potter’s wheel and began making pots at home. I started selling at small craft shows and very, very quickly things started to pick up. 

For thirteen years, from 1985, I made pots with villages; whilst they were commercial and sold extremely well at the big craft shows, I gradually began to hate them. Eventually I decided I needed a change of direction. In 2002 I moved to Charlton Horethorne and began sculpting ceramic animals for a living. 

I draw on my previous experiences with animals, tacking up my pony, milking cows, skinning rabbits, remembering the feel and the smell of them. I also spend time watching my pets, trying to record in my head their expressions and attitudes. 

In 2005 I started teaching ceramic classes in my studio, the classes are great fun and the students have the opportunity to exhibit, and sell, their work during Dorset, and Somerset, Art Weeks open studio events. 

Recently I have begun to get my sculptures cast in bronze resin; this allows me to make pieces which would be impossible in fired clay. These are also more affordable than my handmade ceramics. 

I will continue making work in bronze resin. This will allow me to spend time making some of the humorous work I have been experimenting with recently and also to have a go at the long list of disparate things I have wanted to make for ages. 

I live in Charlton Horethorne with my husband, nine cats and a dog. 

My work is for sale from this website, in galleries, exhibitions and at my home during Dorset and Somerset Art Weeks. 


Lauren Bissell

Fine art

Lauren has been Artist in Residence on Brownsea Island for three years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She only had one year of formal art tuition but has painted ever since she could hold a brush. One of her earliest memories is of when she was two years old she decided to improve the design on a newly papered wall. Lauren's last words will probably be "I wish I'd painted more".

Lauren works mainly in oils and watercolour and has produced a number of limited edition prints now available at the  DWT Villa on Brownsea Island.


Harriett Webb


Terri Peay

Fine art

Terri Peay draws inspiration from Dorset's serene landscape and creatures. Through watercolour illustration, Terri creates products with love, laughter and life at the heart of their design. The importance of highlighting the beauty and characteristics of Britain's wildlife, raising awareness to learn and protect animal species is of key importance to Terri's work.

Now working from her Dorset based studio, Terri has a belief and passion for promoting and creating British made, quality products for the home, inspired by the coastal and landscape settings that surround her.

At ‘Terri Peay’ you will find a wide range of uniquely designed gifts & homewares featuring characterful, quirky illustration and design. Terri also offers bespoke illustrated Animal & Pet commissions.

To find out more, visit: